Course Directors

Prof. José De Andrés


Professor of Anesthesia, Valencia University Medical School
Chairman, Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care
Director of the Multidisciplinary Pain Management Center,
Valencia University General Hospital.
Tres Cruces s/n, 46014-Valencia (Spain).

Prof. Carmen Gomar

Professor of Anesthesia, Barcelona University Medical
School. Senior Specialist, Department of Anesthesiology
and Reanimation, Hospital Clinic i Provincial, Villarroel 170.
08036 Barcelona (Spain).

Prof. Albert Prats


Professor of Anatomy, Barcelona University Medical School
Casanova 143. 08036 Barcelona (Spain).

Dr Gustavo Fabregat Cid

Staff Anesthesiologist. Multidisciplinary Pain Management Center
Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care and Pain Management
Valencia University General Hospital
Tres Cruces s/n, 46014-Valencia (Spain)

Dr Xavier Sala-Blanch


Associate Professor of Anatomy
Staff Anesthesiologist. Department of Anesthesiology and
Critical Care
Hospital Clinic i Provincial
Villarroel 170.08036 Barcelona Spain